Monday, January 3, 2011

Tayton is getting so big. He is going to be talking before we know it! The newest things he does,
When sparticas barks, Tayton goes woof, woof! He also loves to talk on the phone. He has his own cell phone and he puts it to his ear and says Ello! (that's how he says hello.) then starts jabbering. Poor buddy has been running a high fever all weekend! When me and Danny got in Salt Lake on Thursday night (my parents had him) his fever was 102.8 and we could not break it. I had given him his max dose of Tylenol. So the emergency room we went. Did a strep test came back negative, so they gave him a ton of tylenol and Ibuprofen and it finally broke. So we went home, and come to find out Tayton has like 4 teeth coming in. His two canines on the bottom, and a molar. (That is going to be an expensive teething bill!) Live and learn I guess.
He wolk up today with no fever. Finally! Sick kids are no fun.
We tried to do our own Christmas pictures this year. That was interesting! Never did get sparti to stay in the pic. Did our own Christmas at home this year, it was way fun with Tayton.
Hope everyone has a good new year!

We went to Disneyland with Danny's family, Tayton had so much fun, and he LOVES playing with his cousins. It was also my first time. I love seeing the looks on the kids faces,truly magical! Cant wait to go when Tayton is a little older.
Tayton's fav. thing was the Mickey Mouse club House show. It was so cute! At the end of it they dropped confetti from the ceiling, he thought it was the coolest thing ever. Cant imaging life without my little buddy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally posting pictures from Halloween. My boys in our incredibles outfits.
P.S My husband made these himself. He's amazing!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!
I have not had the time to post any new pics on my blog,
but I will soon. Me, Tayton, danny were the incredibles family.
Tayton was Jack Jack and fit the role perfectly!
Just had to spread some news real quick.
My sister in law Jamie started a new blog called clean and real and I love it!
Everyone needs to check it out when they get a min!!! Love it!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tayton is crawling!
Everyone was saying, enjoy it while he's not mobile, but actually it is soo nice!
I can get stuff done, and he's just exploren and playing all day.
Tayton has recently decided that he deosn't want to take naps.
I put him down and he's awake in like 20-30 min! It's kind of
stressing me out. I've had to just let him cry until he falls back to sleep.
I've never had to do that before, he's just always been such a good little
napper. It's like now that he can crawl litterally the second his eyes open
he is standing in his crib. Too much to see in one day I guess.
I cant believe how big he is, time is just flying!
Tayton eats as fast as his dad deos. I'll give him a snack in a bowl on
the floor with him and he just start's shoveling! Sparticas like it cu'z about
half of it ends up on the floor for him to get. Either Sparticas is driving Tayton
crazy licking him and eating his food, or Tayton is driving him crazy pulling his hair.
I sure am glad though that Sparticas has finally accepted our lilttle Tayt into the family!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tayton loves his cousins!
Tayton and Lewis are the same size and they
are about 5 months apart!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tayton is such a happy baby!
Seriously I am a little nervous to have another one.
He has spoiled me. I told Danny the other day that if
all our baby's are this good, we might have to have like 10!
Danny looked a little nervous after I said that.
Tayton is eating solids now, He loves his sweet potatoes,
and carrots. His fav. thing is the munchkin toy that you put
food in. He loves strawberry's and bananas in it, he just goes to
town. (Thanks aunt Jamie!) It is so funny how fast they learn
to manipulate us. This morning I was trying to blow dry my hair
and Tayton was sitting on my bed watching mickey mouse,
and I shut the door, leaving just a little crack so that I could
still see him Cu's the blow dryer was loud and all the sudden I
would hear him scream, and then he would stop and wait for me
to peak through the crack to check on him.
They are so smart at just 7 months.
Tayton is saying momma and dada.
Me, Danny, and grandma Lorrie swear he says hi.
He loves Sparticas! Just starts squealing at the site of him.
I love my little Taytorbug!

Summers here!
Me and Tayton love going to grandma Lorries and swimming!
When I'm home on my day off, I get overwhelmed with all the
things that I need to get done, so It's nice to leave and spend the
day at Grandma Lorrie's house. I can just relax, spend the day with
him and forget about all the house chores.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tayton's first Easter. Him in his Easter pajamas.

We went to the river by our house last Sunday with Tayton and Sparti we love it.
These pictures crack me up! All you could see of Tayton was his eyes and he had this
serious look on his face the hole time. He was pullilng the funniest faces! We kept him in his pajamas so that we didn't have to lather him everywhere with sunscreen.

I love feeding Tayton. He is so precious!