Monday, January 3, 2011

Tayton is getting so big. He is going to be talking before we know it! The newest things he does,
When sparticas barks, Tayton goes woof, woof! He also loves to talk on the phone. He has his own cell phone and he puts it to his ear and says Ello! (that's how he says hello.) then starts jabbering. Poor buddy has been running a high fever all weekend! When me and Danny got in Salt Lake on Thursday night (my parents had him) his fever was 102.8 and we could not break it. I had given him his max dose of Tylenol. So the emergency room we went. Did a strep test came back negative, so they gave him a ton of tylenol and Ibuprofen and it finally broke. So we went home, and come to find out Tayton has like 4 teeth coming in. His two canines on the bottom, and a molar. (That is going to be an expensive teething bill!) Live and learn I guess.
He wolk up today with no fever. Finally! Sick kids are no fun.
We tried to do our own Christmas pictures this year. That was interesting! Never did get sparti to stay in the pic. Did our own Christmas at home this year, it was way fun with Tayton.
Hope everyone has a good new year!

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  1. I'm so excited to see your new posts! WOW, Tayton is so big! And super cute! :) Ugh, teething is the worst, especially when they get so many in at once. Geez, kids have it rough sometimes, eh? Too bad teething last until they're like 2 1/2 :( Love the Halloween costumes! Go Danny! So jealous of your Disneyland trip! Can't wait to take my kids someday. Can't believe it was your first time! That is so fun. Hope everything else is going great!